2020 Academy of European Baskin Network

1st DRAFT OF PROJECT (06 february 2019) basic structureCONTEXT

The type of project is called “SMALL COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP” inside the SPORT section of ERASMUS PLUS PROGRAM.
The deadline is 04th April.

This project would aim to reinforce the collaborative partnership among the partners from the 6 countries currently involved in Baskin international network: ITALY, FRANCE, GREECE, SPAIN-Catalunya, LUXEMBOURG, GERMANY.

1st DRAFT OF PROJECT (06 february 2019) basic structure 2GENERAL PROJECT IDEA

The specific focus is to support TRAINING ACTIVITIES at 2 levels:

a) 1st level: organizing 1 national training course for aspiring Coaches & Referees in each of the 5 countries (FR, GR, SP, LU, DE)

b) 2nd level: organizing 1 international training course for aspiring Trainers of coaches & referees through 3 meetings in Italy (reserved to 1, 2 or 3 persons per country)

1st DRAFT OF PROJECT (06 february 2019) basic structure 3Just to clarify:

“Baskin Coaches” means the technical staff in charge of driving the Baskin sessions every week and also the matches. Usually, there is the head coach and several assistant coaches, but they can all be considered “Baskin coaches”… Or, if you prefer, they should be all Baskin coaches (having received the specific official training to become a Baskin coach).
In each country (Greece, France, Spain…), there should be as many Baskin coaches as possible in a certain way… because they are those who create new Baskin teams and develop Baskin practice, thus allowing more people to access to this inclusive sport opportunity.

Should we use the term of “FORMATORS” (to avoid misunderstanding)?
Anyway, here “Baskin Trainers” means the very elected people (technically and culturally prepared) in charge of organizing training events for new potential Baskin coaches (& referees).
Thanks to this european project, each country (Greece, France…) should go slowly towards a kind of autonomy in terms of training, to not be always dependent on Italy until 2050… 😉
There should not be many “Baskin Trainers” but only few in a first period (1, 2 or 3 per country in this project).
This European project would allow each country to form/train these new national trainers (that would remain initially under the supervision of and collaboration with italian trainers, but that would become more autonomous in 2 years, at the end of the project).

1st DRAFT OF PROJECT (06 february 2019) basic structure 4

NB: The numeric data are not definitive: they are subject of many constraints.

1st DRAFT OF PROJECT (06 february 2019) basic structure 5


The partners won’t have any cost.

The main advantage of the project is to support economically a real need.

The budget would allow each partner to participate in a totally free way, as all the costs would be covered, especially those regarding:

1) management and implementation of the project (during 18 months) until a maximum of 3.600€ per partner (duly justified)

2) travel expenses of the aspiring trainers coming to Italy 3 times (3 days each) until a maximum of 575€ per meeting (duly justified: transport, accomodation and food)