French Team

french team OREA (light)

LOGO OREA.png                                 orea baskin logo.pngBassano del grappa 2 da Nantes

Our OREA TEAM is based in 14 players. They’ve between 17 and 52 years old. ! Laurence and Florianne are coach, Laurence come from basket word and became Baskin coach since 2 years. This project arrived when she needed to know more about Baskin to follow to coach, so she’ll improved herself with this new team. Florianne, used to coach Baskin since 2011, she’s come from adapted sport word, and follow to try to learn more and more about Baskin… !

Our numbers 3 Clara, Victor and Théo play Baskin since long time for both of them, and have Baskin experiences outside of France. They came to play some matchs in Italy (Rhô) and Luxembourg. Clara was a pivot and since 2 yeas start to learn to be number 3. She’s coming to train regularly so she progress a lot and understand more and more the game.

Our 4 pivots 2 and 1, Marius, Alice and David never play outside of France, they play Baskin since more than 4 year. Joris participed at the Erasmus projet Euro Hoop for All in 2015 in Italy. He’s playing Baskin since it’s started in Nantes in 2011.

Our players numbers 4 and 5 Dorian, Henri, Louise, Brigitte, Yvonnick and Alexis our new players, they know Baskin since less than 2 years, even some months only for Alexis. No one play outside of France for the moment.

In Nantes we have few opportunities to play against other club, only two clubs exist here. So we try to play together in OREA, and some time against the second club, the SMASH, this is possible since 2 years only.

Our OREA TEAM is a new team created in may 2018 with players with some experiences in Baskin, and other who have very few experiences. But our team is motivated, want to try to play together even if we have few time to be ready. Things which characterized our team are family ties, friendly links and common desire: let’s try!