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Arion baskin team was created when the need of integration/inclusion was on the top of our priorities. During a city bicycle game on May 2012, we met Marco Vacarella, an italian ambassador of Baskin. That was the beginning for our baskin team.

Marco explained us about the idea of baskin and he encouraged us to try with our athletes. We found it a very good opportunity to do substantial integration/inclusion. Then, during the summer of 2013, Marco came in Crete and with the support of ANTISFERISI, a women basketball team, we did our first concrete steps towards the baskin experience. We were really excited so in November of 2013 we went to Italy to get more knowledge about baskin during an international event organized in Sicily at Noto.

Our experience from Noto was as powerful as we need and, even though we didn’t came back with a training protocol or instructions about how to build up a Baskin training course, we worked hard and, despite the difficulties, we succeeded to create the first baskin team in Greece.

Since then, we train twice a week for one hour and a half. The team is supported by physical education teachers specialized in basketball and adapted physical activity.

Our participation in the International Basketball Event EURO HOOP for All was a great experience and we got knowledge that helped us to develop more and overcome the difficulties we first faced.

Since then, we try to play baskin during other sport events in order to spread it.


2015 Arion TEAM (light)

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