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Baskin Mundet

Our team was born in 2015 in the “Baskin at University” project coordinated by Alexy Valet.

During the last three years, we had the opportunity to know what Baskin is, to create a new team and to start practicing a lot to become a good Baskin team. In this time we have been learning the values ​​that the Baskin gives off, since in addition to being a wonderful sport where everyone can participate, very significant personal relationships are generated. Currently we can consider that we have a team that knows this sport quite well and we are happy to participate in this championship to continue improving and growing all together. It was a pleasure to visit Cremona in the summer of 2016 and now we hope that our experience in Bassano is equally significant for all.

We train once a week, for an hour and a half at the University of Barcelona. In our team there are people with very different abilities. This is the nicest thing in our team: we are all so different that this makes us learn among all of us and to grow as athletes and as people.

Our team is formed by:

Role 2: Roger (Closa)

Role 3: Toni, Clara and Víctor

Role 4: Marta, Carlos, Albert and Roger (Cortés)

Role 5: Dani (Sánchez) and Guillem

I, Daniel Aragonés, am the team coach. I am a physical education teacher in primary school and I’m specialized in adapted physical activities addressed to people with any disability and special education need. I love Baskin because this sport allows all people with different abilities to play together and also creates personal relationship like in a big family.

I hope that this experience in Bassano will give us the opportunity to grow and make new friends of Baskin.

Bassano del grappa 2 da Barcellona